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SHOT DAWN-SHOT DAWN introduction

SHOT DAWN Mod Apk is a simulation shooting game. The game emphasizes fairness and skill. No one has any auxiliary system. Everything depends on strength.

SHOT DAWN Mod Apk Game Content

SHOT DAWN Mod Apk includes many modes of the classic shooting game, there are basic confrontation between two teams, demolition and anti-demolition operations in confrontation between terrorists and police, dagger battle with limited cold weapons, capture-the-flag relay, sniper gun duel Competitions, individual survival mode, defense against biochemical humanoid weapons, etc. If players are not sure of their own level, they can choose and practice with AI in the system. The difficulty of AI is moderate, and it is easier for players to learn battle experience and gain confidence in combat.

In addition to the rich game modes, SHOT DAWN Mod Apk also has nearly 20 maps, and the unique terrains provide favorable support for the tactical arrangement. Hundreds of firearms are available for players to choose from. The skin is only for decoration and will not have any effect on the performance of the firearm, ensuring the fairness of the game.

SHOT DAWN Mod Apk Game Operation

The operation interface of SHOT DAWN Mod Apk is simple, players only need to slide the left joystick to move the character, and the right side is for viewing angle adjustment, ammo quantity and ammo loading, jumping, crouching, stamina and graffiti. Players can draw inspiration and doodle anywhere on the map.

The rich content of SHOT DAWN Mod Apk and the pursuit of game fairness are worth downloading and playing for shooting game lovers. If players are interested in more shooting games, be sure to try this PUBG MOBILE Mod Apk.

Added new weapon: Butterfly Knife
Added new skin: Butterfly Knife - Gradient, Red Crystal
Join the map biochemical ruins in the door mechanism
Biochemical ruins add new points
Optimization and adjustment of three points in the biochemical ruins

Category: ActionPublisher: DCNGameRequirements: Android 4.4+Publish Date: 27/06/2022